• Written by Marlene G. Lulu
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According to Mr. Google, Russia had the literacy rate of 53% based to the data collected in 2010-2011.The country spends 4.9 % of the GDP or Gross Domestic Product in education sector.

The country has high development rate and low poverty rate as they realize the importance of education for the successful nation. It’s a strong country since its existence as independent state due to high literacy rate. And for sure these things will possibly happen to us in the near future. As I remember the statement uttered by one of my classmates in masteral last year. Pwede ba akong magpaadopt sa Bataan.Kasi sa bayan namin wala namang Gurong Scholar.”Ang sarap naman sa inyo”, the exact statement she uttered. And I guess you will agree with me, If I will utter the same line. “MASARAP MAGING TAGA BATAAN”. The place of the SMART and in a long run the PLACE of the SMARTS. Why? It is just one shot but hitting multiple birds. A chain reactions.

Why the place of the smarts? A place where you see politicians not only focusing on good governance but giving more value on education, educating the teachers as the key to sharpen and impart knowledge to the students. Hindi po ba naman smart idea? Sa contract na pipirmahan nyo at minsang pinirmahan  ko na kapag hindi natapos ang manuscript or thesis writing you will pay the same amount supposed to be received once you finished your writing. A good motivation to finish your masteral degree. Considering also the Place of the smarts of the selection Board Committee of Gurong Iskolar. Headed by Dr. Violeta, Sir Barlis, Mam Medy during my time, Sir Jessie D. Ferrer, Ceso V, and Dr. Roland M.Fronda  this time. Experiencing the time to dance without music because your knees are shaking with a strong beating heart during the exam and Panel interview.

During my stay in graduate studies I became the President of the graduate studies. I proved to my classmates na deserving ang mga Bataeῆos to be called Gurong Iskolar.I graduated last April, 2014 and received the refund or reimbursement after a month after I submitted my manuscript Book in Capitol. ”May dunong kana May pera ka pa”

Gov.Abet and Congressman Tet Garcia, I want to thank you for your generous gift that made my masteral degree attainable. Through your support, I have accomplished much of what I never thought possible. I proud to say I worked hard to be where I am but certainly could not have done it without your help. I am forever grateful for your generosity. Here I am now a Head Teacher III in Luakan National High School.

It is truly indeed that Bruce Lee’s maxims in his famous Jet Kun Doo, he said “To pacify an opponent is to use his force against him. “Likewise using our own force, our acquired learnings to save the nation from destructive downfall. To highlight the role of education in terms of gender equality, eradicating poverty, population control, democracy, and most importantly the sustainable development in the country.


Getting an education may not be easy, but limiting your potential to make this town a better place to live in is denying yourself and those around you to make a change.


So what are you waiting for? Grab the chance to make a change.

Sa Bataan di kasalanan ang isinilang na mahirap. Ngunit kapag namatay kang mahirap iyan ay malaking kasalanan hindi lamang sa iyong sarili  kundi mas higit sa iyong Bayang sinilangan. Dahil hatid na Iskolar ng Governor ay abot kamay lang. Be an inspiration to everyone, most especially to our dear students. Let us give what they deserve to receive from us so that the birth of the SMARTS overfilled Bataan.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List -of-countries-by-literacy-rate.

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