Dinalupihan is the gateway to the West Central Luzon and as such, we want to take advantage of this strategic location in improving the living conditions of our constituents.

The best way to do this is by taking the first step towards achieving our vision that by 2020, Dinalupihan will be the primary center for agro-based processed goods. This first step is by embracing the Performance Governance System of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia, as the first Municipality in the Philippines to openly signify this intention, born out of our wants to achieve our vision.

In retrospect, the Municipality of Dinalupihan easily gets flooded during rainy seasons causing inundation not only in its farmlands but in the Central Business District as well. This flooding hinders the growth of trades and business in the Municipality while at the same time causes losses in the tune of millions of pesos to our farmers, agriculture being the major source of livelihood of the majority of the households.

In early 2014, while ISA is guiding us in the initial step of Performance Governance, the Executive Branch of the Municipality with the support of the Legislative Branch and the Provincial Government of Bataan, started the rehabilitation/dredging/construction of floodways in and around the Town proper leading to Almacen River which flows to the Manila Bay. As a result, the Municipality was not flooded during the 2014 rainy season. This paved the way for new businesses to come in starting with the opening of McDonald's outlet in the Central Business District (CBD) followed by Puregold and SM Save More. These are the signs of the good times for LGU Dinalupihan which we will surely sustain with the end in view of attaining our 2020 Vision thereby improving the lives of our constituents thru increased income brought about by the downstream economic and business impact of new business players in Dinalupihan.

With the help of ISA, we in the Local Government of Dinalupihan are very confident that we will be able to come up with a performance governance system that is geared towards achieving a workable developmental road map for our Municipality.

With the support of the LGU workforce and of our partner constituents, we believe that we will be able to achieve our Vision, step by step, one target at a time, with the help of God Almighty.



As the Gateway to the West Central Luzon, by 2020, Dinalupihan is the Primary Center for Agro-based Processed Goods.


To uplift the quality of life of Dinalupiheños by practicing good governance that would result to enhanced municipal services and sound policies that create a business and eco-friendly environment.




As the Gateway to the West Central Luzon, by 2020, Dinalupihan is the Primary Center for Agro-based Processed Goods.

The Municipality of Dinalupihan is surrounded by so many economic threats being a landlocked area in the Western part of Luzon which, if not addressed, will make it hard for the local business sector to compete with the growing businesses in the surrounding towns and cities in its outskirts. At the same time, it is beset with so many internal problems brought about by the constant flooding during rainy season thereby affecting not only the living condition of its workforce but also that of the majority of households which rely mainly on farm income for a living

In 2013, at the onset of the present administration of LGU Dinalupihan, its constituents expect an end to the perennial flooding and the upliftment of the living conditions of each and every household in the community.

Based on these expectations, identified threats and problems, the LGU initiated the organization of a focus discussion group tasked to identify a long term solutions to all of these. The focus discussion group started with drawing up the Municipality’s Vision, Mission and Core Values.

Initial result of the findings of the focus discussion group shows that being a landlocked area proved to be not a hindrance to economic growth but rather an advantage over all the other growth areas around the Municipality as Dinalupihan is a geographic gateway to the West Central Luzon. Investors, Traders, Businessmen and Tourists, among others, who are going in and coming out of Bataan, Zambales, Olongapo and Pampanga has no other way but to pass thru the Municipality of Dinalupihan, thereby making them a sort of captured clients of Dinalupihan businesses. With this advantage, we were able to envision that by 2020, Dinalupihan will be the primary center for agro-based processed goods.

The main focus of the strategy in attaining this vision is the establishment of trading center in the heart of the Municipality where local agro-based produce from other areas will be traded wholesale. Thru intensified introduction and education of farmers to modern farming technologies with the objective of raising their production and at the same time streamlining the LGU bureaucracy to make it easier for traders to set up wholesale businesses, we believe that our 2020 vision can be attained within the this established timeline.


To uplift the quality of life of DinalupiheĊˆos by practicing good governance that would result to enhanced municipal services and sound policies that create a business and eco-friendly environment.

This mission statement was collegially drawn by the representatives from the Executive and Legislative Levels of the Municipality together with leaders/members of various civic society organizations who are either part of the farming community, business and national government agencies.

Knowing that our vision is meant to improve the community, it is necessary to draw a mission statement so as not to lose sight of the vision which normally happen when a local government unit is beset with so many activities and problems of the populace.

This mission statement is meant to engage and involve all elected Officials of the 46 Barangays in the Municipality specifically in imparting to the constituents what the local government wants to do and to happen to uplift their living conditions and the cooperation it needs from them so that they become our partners in this long road to prosperity.


The civic society organizations were invited mainly to involve them in the formulation not only of the mission and vision but also the Municipality’s Core Values of RRICE – Respect, Responsiveness, Integrity, Courage and Excellence.

These core values will make it known to the constituents that the Legislative and Executive branches of their local government unit are seriously dedicated and focused in attaining its vision, knowing that they, the stakeholders were involved from the inception of the vision, in its take-off, in this travel to 2020 and beyond.


We treat everybody important irrespective of their status in life.


We anticipate and act quickly on the needs of the people.


We adhere to highest ethical standards, transparency and accountability thereby earning public trust.


We stand firm and persevere in doing what is right despite difficulties.


We are committed to provide the highest quality of effective and efficient service





Customer Perspective

A.    Establish Dinalupihan as an ideal location for traders, vendors and processors

The success of the Tuesday’s Market in the Common Terminal is a proof that Dinalupihan is an ideal location for traders, vendors, and buyers.   People amalgamate and are drawn to the natural hospitality of Dinalupihenos mixed with adventure of haggling challenge posed.   This competitive advantage of location should be further taken to the next level by attracting new investors and processors.  The establishment of the Negosyo Center contributes to the honing and developing of MSMEs, which in turn provide ready vendors, processors, and sellers.   The trading center is envisioned to serve as hub and haven for agri business /agro-processing locators.

B.    Develop adequate infrastructure to support rapid economic growth

Economic growth is taking off induced by the ongoing road widening, construction of diversion dam, setting up of post-harvest facilities, double A standard slaughter house and other infrastructure projects with the support of national government agencies and capital outlay for similar projects from the LGU and the Provincial Government of Bataan. With the backlogs in infrastructures getting filled-up, the rapid growth in local economy is translated into increased income of the less privileged member of the local populace.

Citizen Perspective

C.    Improve productivity & diversify production of Small Farmers as well as access to markets
The need to federate all farmers in every farming barangay is necessary to enable them to have access to all the programs and services of the LGU and National Government Agencies that are meant to increase farm produce and greater access to markets and acceptability to traders/end users.
D.    Encourage farmers to engage in value-adding activities

Adding values to crops or goods produced in a farm is another way to improve farm profitability.  This can be best achieved through the establishment of Shared Service Facilities (SSF) in strategic farm locations which may offer processing, packaging and storing of farm products other than the ordinary farming operations.
E.    Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among Dinalupiheño Farmers

We will provide our constituent farmers with a sizeable area in our famous Tuesday Market, an area that we will call Tuesday Farmers’ Market where they can bring in and sell locally harvested crops, processed farm products and authentic local food items.  This setup is also one way of facilitating connections between the wholesalers, the producers, the customers and the community as a whole, bringing them in under the one Market linkage thru the LGU established Negosyo Center.

F.    Develop LGU- One Town One Product (OTOP): Dinalupihan Bamboo Advocacy & Production Project

Being aware of the larger opportunity provided by the advantageous location of the Municipality and the existing capabilities of our bamboo sawali makers/workers, the LGU will further focus on the development of bamboo industry geared towards going up to the value chain of bamboos.  Once our bamboo workers are trained and are already engaged in the manufacture of varied high value bamboo products, the LGU will assist in marketing these locally with the end in view of eventually exporting these  to other countries by way of tying up our manufacturers with wholesale traders/exporters who are registered in the nationwide Negosyo Centers.

Process Excellence Perspective
G.    Raise efficiency of frontline offices to global standards

To provide efficient quality customer service, the LGU personnel have to continuously improve their skills, business processes the constantly changing customer dynamics by implementing a Quality Management System (QMS).

H.    To make optimum use of information systems & identify areas for economic development
The LGU is establishing a data base where up to date information on all available data/information about the Municipality can be readily sourced by any given sector to provide them with complete information for the establishment/upgrading/setting up of business enterprises and support facilities in identified business and growth areas towards the attainment of the 2020 LGU vision.
Learning and Growth Perspective
I.    Establish a system of rewards and recognition based on measurable performance
The Local Government of Dinalupihan, in its goal to assess the competency, proficiency and performance of its personnel who are part of the vision aligned circles (VAC’s) will establish a system of rewards and recognition through the Dakilang Lingkod Dinalupiheno Award based on measurable performance in accordance with the Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) of the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

J.    Improve Competencies and Skills Upgrading System
To provide efficient quality customer service, the LGU personnel complement have to continuously improve their skills, competence and professionalism to provide a faster, efficient and more business friendly attitude to the constantly changing dynamics and needs of LGU customers. This improvements will be attained by introducing a series of trainings and by implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) in the entire Municipal bureaucracy.

Finance Perspective
K.    Proactively pursue innovative resource mobilization program

The Municipality of Dinalupihan must heed the clarion call for more ingenious modes of fund sourcing. Reliance on more traditional sources (Internal Revenue Allotment, loans) of funding and resource mobilization may not be enough to support the Municipality’s need to level up the required infrastructures to support more aggressive goals.   Hence, there is a need for exploration alternative yet innovative resources for the Municipality.

Customer Perspective

Trading Center

The strategy of setting up a Trading Center is geared towards housing producers and traders in one place to attract wholesale and retail customers to source their needs in just one area thereby reducing related costs. This is also one way of encouraging more and more producers and traders to locate in the Trading Center as more and more buyers come in.

Processing Center

The LGU will initiate the establishment of processing centers for constituent farmers where their produce/raw materials can be further processed into more high value marketable products, either owned by manufacturer investors or by federated farmers’ associations.  This initiative will raise the living condition of our farmers and their competency level by way of being food/product processors themselves and farmer raw materials producers at the same time.

Public Infra

The LGU is currently spearheading the construction/establishment of public infrastructures that are funded locally and by the national government with the main objective of enhancing the business investment environment  in the Municipality.  These public infrastructures will act as the base support for and basis of investors in establishing economic enterprises to help in the leapfrogging of various initiatives towards the 2020 vision.

Citizen Perspective

Capacity building for members of MAFC, federated farmers associations

These initiatives start off with the education of the members of MAFC for new technologies and the use of modern farm implements. To increase its membership and to widen the reach for new and modern technologies/tools, informal associations will be encouraged to join a federation. These federations will be formally registered and recognized by the proper government institutions like the Cooperative Development Authority, DOLE, NIA, among others. With the recognition of registered organizations/federations, access to capital will also be facilitated thereby removing money lenders in the process that charge high interest rates for borrowed capital of farmers.

Value-Adding Technology Transfer

To ensure that produce have added value which translate to higher selling price and marketability, transfer of food processing technologies will be tapped from food/agri based  processing technologies institutional experts like DTI, DA, and DOST to benefit Dinalupihenos.  

Negosyo Center and Tuesday Farmers’ Market

The Farmers’ Market for our farmer producers will emancipate them from the hold of the middlemen as their produce will have ready outlets where buyers and sellers regularly converge. The strategy of improving our Trading Center and Bagsakan area into a combined Tuesday Farmers’ Market will increase the income of the farmers as one or more profit takers is removed from the hierarchy of selling farm produce.  As these farmers are registered in the established LGU Negosyo Center, prospective buyers can readily identify product sources.

Capacity Building/training, Multi-purpose Nursery, Bamboo Plantation, Livelihood & Enterprise Development
The consequences of these initiatives are to make the materials for the Municipality’s OTOP readily available to bamboo processors/bamboo product manufacturers and to enhance their technical knowhow towards the manufacture of a wider range of bamboo products, from a mere “sawali” making expertise into modern manufacturer of bamboo furniture, bamboo handicrafts and other high end bamboo products that appeals to local and international buyers. With the establishment of a multi-purpose nursery and bamboo plantation, in few years’ time, bamboos will be readily available locally instead of sourcing these from other municipalities thereby making the raw materials less expensive.

 Process Excellence Perspective

QMS implementation for front line offices

The introduction of a Quality Management System for front line offices follows the competency based job matching of LGU employees. The QMS will ensure that the service requirements of LGU clientele are timely met in manners that exceeds their expectations based on measurable set of policies, procedures, controls and transaction flows. Once QMS is set in place, the improved operation standards of performance will help other initiatives in attracting more business locators/investors.

Updating of Knowledge management Systems

The timely updating of the existing Comprehensive Land Use Plan and the Comprehensive Development Plan as well as the LGU Tax Mapping activities will provide clear guidance to the business investment plans and initiatives of existing and prospective investors of the Municipality.  The ongoing updating of the Municipal Revenue Code will complement these developmental plan activities geared towards the achievement of the 2020 LGU Vision where stakeholders are ably guided on their business plans and initiatives while the LGU is provided with continuing resources/budget to sustain enhancements of business friendly facilities.

Learning & Growth Perspective

Dakilang Lingkod DinalupiheĊˆo

In aligning the SPMS with strategy, a coherent performance will result into steady improvement of processes, a good tool in achieving the identified key result areas.  The Dakilang Lingkod Dinalupihenyo will be a good motivator for the doer to excel in a given field.

Competency based HR system for the LGU
The main objective of this initiative is to retrain the employees and upgrade their skills to enhance the service quality of the LGU workforce in order to increase operational efficiency, enable them to adapt to the constantly changing dynamic business environment.  This initiative is  critical in attaining the next stage of Dinalupihan’s economy by attracting more and more investors sketched out of its 2020 vision of becoming the Primary Center for Agro-based Processed Goods.

Resource Perspective

PPP Projects

This initiative will include inviting private sector participation to invest capital in the development and/or rehabilitation of local government owned facilities such as operation of slaughterhouse, rehabilitation of the transport terminal, and public market. Utilizing the PPP, the Municipality can offer quality, efficient, best public service facility at the least cost.

Office for Strategy Management (OSM)

As PGS Initiated was conferred to the Municipality of Dinalupihan last May 4, 2015, the municipality needs to move forward in its goal of delivering good governance thru the implementation of the strategy management system.  With the formulated governance charter, strategy map and scorecard, execution follows to realize and achieve whatever has been envisioned for the municipality.  

In carrying out the strategic objectives and initiatives of the municipality as provided in its strategy map and scorecard, the creation of the Office of Strategy Management is crucial as it integrates and coordinates the efforts of all the functional units of the municipal government to align with the strategy and operations.

At first, it was somewhat difficult for the municipality to identify who will compose its OSM because it is not easy to just come up with a new hired individual who will come from outside the LGU and will just start knowing the organization and all its processes. It was then a consensus to choose among the LGU’s employees who are competent, committed and qualified for the OSM.

It was in September 1, 2015 when finally the municipality has set-up its Office for Strategy Management under the Office of the Mayor by virtue of Executive Order. It was composed of LGU employees from different departments who are identified to become good partners in appreciation of the LGUs transformation.

These OSM members are expected to be good communicators and strategic thinkers who can take the lead in organizing and ascertaining the successful outcome of the LGU’s transformation process.


Mr. Fortunato Q. Vitug
The Chairman of the OSM and is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at Lasalle Araneta University, Manila.  He’s presently an Agricultural Technologist in the Municipal Agriculture Office for more than 18 years.

Ms. Nida S. Tala
The Fiscal Examiner II in the Municipal Accounting Office and one of the members of the OSM.  Has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Accountancy and has been in the government service for more than 23 years.

Petronila Grace R. Saberon
Social Worker in the Municipal Social Welfare & Development Office.  A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Social Work at Philippine Christian University.  

Ms. Maria Irene I. Santos
A member of the OSM who is a graduate of Bachelor of Laws in the University of Sto. Tomas Faculty of Civil Law.  Working as Legal Assistant in the Office of the Municipal Mayor.  

Mr. Jason A. Corpus
Computer Programmer from the Municipal Information and Technology Office.  He possesses technological skills, trainings and experiences that may highly contribute to the LGU’s PGS being an OSM member.

The alignment of the municipality towards the identified goals is done through small working groups called the Vision Aligned Circles or VACs.  These are composed of regular and job order employees of the municipality who will be tasked to execute specific time-bound projects that are expected to yield long-term vision aligned goals.

The municipality has identified four (4) initial priority initiatives.  These are the Savings Mobilization, Trading Center, Tuesday Farmers Market and the Updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP).   These are the projects that the municipality has considered to be significant that once prioritize will lead the municipality to move forward in attaining its vision.

For these initiatives, the municipality thru the OSM has created four (4) VACs which are composed of ten (10) members each.


Currently, the Municipality of Dinalupihan has 171 permanent employees. On October 1, 2015, the Municipality through the efforts of the local chief executive, technical working group (TWG), and the Office for Strategy Management in partnership with the ISA cascaded the four strategic initiatives to four Pilot VACS each with 10 members.  Hence, a total number of 40 comprising 23.4 % employees participated in the Rapid Cascading to VACS.   
The priority initiatives selected to be implemented by four (4) pilot VACS are 1).  Tuesdays Farmers Market 2) Trading Center 3) Updating of Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Comprehensive Development Plan 4) Capacity building for members of MAFC / federated farmers’ association.
The Updating of Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Comprehensive Development Plan VACS is in the center of vision implementation agenda.  Land resources are finite.  Given this irreversible fact, it is thus imperative that land resources are maximized for productive uses which include agriculture which is the strength of the Municipality.  Acting as support to the consultant who will update the now more than decade old CLUP/CDP, this VAC will focus on conducting inventory of available data and consolidate them which can be verified later on.   
The Tuesdays Farmers Market will empower 5 new barangays to join the Farmer Market.  As a start, the VACS talked to Liga ng Barangay President and other barangay presidents who will submit names of entrepreneurs in their barangay.  The Savings Mobilization VACs will finalize survey forms and information education campaigns to first four identified barangays.
The Trading Center VACs will actively and proactively pursue traders, vendors, and processors   within and neighboring towns of Dinalupihan.   The VACS will focus on coming up with a supply chain analysis to have an accurate data on the volume of trade and exchange happening on the ground.  


The Vision and Strategy Map for the municipality is defined and led by the LGU with the inputs of the stakeholders.  The participation of the stakeholders cannot end in the formulation of strategy – there must be an institutionalized venue for the stakeholders to closely track the progress of the strategy and participate in the implementation of initiatives.   The creation now of a union of stakeholders for the purpose is an essential element and this can be fully realized with the creation of a Multi-Sectoral Governance Coalition (MSGC).  

The Municipality’s MSGC is composed of well-chosen representatives from the private sector, the academe, Liga ng mga Barangay, National Government Agencies and uniformed personnel.  Its main role is to ensure continuity of the transformation agenda of the municipality.  The MSGC can exist and function even without resources from the Municipal Government; undertake projects that are directly supportive of the municipality’s vision and regularly update the OSM and the Local Chief Executive through the conduct of regular monthly meetings.

To formalize the organization of the MSGC in the municipality, Hon. Mayor Maria Angela S. Garcia issued an Executive Order in Creating and Constituting the Multi-Sectoral Governance Coalition (MSGC) and Defining Its Functions, which resulted to a positive response and conformity of respective members.


DR. DIOSDADITO MANGALINDAN - Professional, Private Sector
DR. MA. FE V. ROMAN - Campus Director, BPSU Dinalupihan
ALFREDO AURE - Interim Officer, BACCI Dinalupihan Group
HON. BASILIO LAYUG - President, Assoc. of Barangay Chairmen
DOMINADOR SERRANO - Chairman, Bataan Irrigators Assoc.
NELIN CABAHUG - Provincial Director, DTI
ANTONIO PUZON - President, Seed Growers Association
ADELINA APOSTOL - Former Regional Director, MSWDO
NOEL BACANI - President, Dimalupig Lions Club


    Before finally setting-up the MSGC for the municipality, an orientation of their roles and functions was undertaken.  A brief introduction of the LGU’s PGS was also presented.  All the members are observed to be very supportive to the municipality’s vision as they freely interact in most of the discussions. You can see in them how they appreciate the municipality’s vision and how they are excited to discuss and propose plans and projects that are supportive of it.

    MSGC of Dinalupihan buys in the attainment of the 2020 Vision of Dinalupihan by:

1.    Contributing its expertise in implementing highly impact socio economic projects using its own resources (i.e. livelihood projects empowering BSME’s)

2.    Cascading the 2020 Vision to stakeholders outside Dinalupihan

These will be further enhanced and polished in the succeeding MSGC meetings.




By 2016, 100 stalls managed by farmers/traders from 33 farming barangays selling quality farm produce and processed products will be opened in the trading area where the regular Tuesday Market is regularly held and where the Tuesday Farmers’ Market will be incorporated.  

The establishment of a Negosyo Center in the LGU will supplement the needs of traders in their buying and selling activities during the Tuesday Farmers’ Market by providing them with product data of specific farmers/producers to match and sustain their product needs/requirements. This scheme is envisioned to serve as a catalyst in drawing in new players in the retail and wholesale business in Dinalupihan. At the same time, this will create a ripple effect where new business structures will be put up by the private sector to accommodate these new players.

As of September 2015, 2 new buildings for consumer products were constructed and opened up to customers. This is good proof that investments are coming in and that our Tuesday Farmers’ Market is a viable project that will spur economic development in the Municipality.  

Our goal has always been to improve the living condition of our constituents and create a more sustainable Municipality.  After seeing the enthusiasm of our partner farmers when we were defining our MVV, knowing the diversity of our local natural resources and the promise of technological advances in the field of product enhancements, not to mention the LGU’s great strides in coordinating with the National Agencies in bringing in these many new technologies to our farmers, we believe that it is only fair to say that our Tuesday Farmers’ Market will be a big success, a factor in attaining our 2020 Vision. Being a renowned source of manufactured goods and consumer products during this market day, Dinalupihan is several strides ahead over other nearby municipalities in terms of establishing a Trading Center, proof that this concept can be easily turned into reality in record time.


At present, a host of skilled manufacturers of bamboo made products such as sawali, furniture and fixtures and nipa huts are operating in various barangays in the municipality.  Finding this labor sector to be viably ready for capability enhancement building and discovering that the bamboo raw materials used by these skilled manufacturers are sourced from nearby municipalities, the LGU initiated the conduct of a three (3) days seminar on bamboo planting techniques participated in by farmers, manufacturers and other interested civil service organizations.

The LGU started the planting of bamboo seedlings in its Materials Recovery Facility to demonstrate the viability of growing and propagating this plant specie in the Municipality.  The Municipal Agricultural Officer in tandem with various Departments of the LGU and target Barangays are now identifying the areas where extensive planting of bamboo seedlings will be undertaken. The next step is to further train the present bamboo product manufacturers/interested sectors in producing varied bamboo products that are in demand locally and in the international market such that by the time the planted bamboos in identified areas are ready for harvest, the raw materials needed by the skilled bamboo product manufacturers are readily available making these products the LGU’s OTOP.


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