In addition to the festivities already mentioned, Dinalupihan also offers major attractions for local and foreign tourists. These attractions include a) the St. John the Baptist Church which became part of the annual Visita Iglesia in Region 3; b) the Roosevelt Nature’s Park; c) the still undeveloped San Pablo Falls with water cascading from a huge spring at the top of Zambales Mountain; d) and the Mount Malasimbu Park or “Little Mount Mayon” where the annual Alay-Tanim (Nurture the Nature) project is held in August of each year.



The Dinalupihan Nature’s Park is the former Roosevelt National Park. Situated in Barangay Roosevelt, it is accessible via the Gapan-Olongapo National Road. From a popular Boy Scout regional campsite, the area was transformed into an impressive inland resort, recreational facility and a bird and wildlife sanctuary. The park was named after the famous US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who died on April 12, 1945, or immediately after the termination of the Battle of Zigzag Pass. It was used as a command post for the American troops during the Liberation and was designated as a hallowed ground after the war.

To preserve its historical significance, it was selected as one of the sites for the reforestation programs launched in Bataan in early 1960. Thus, it was transferred to the Reforestation Administration from the National Parks and Wildlife Office. In just a couple of years, Roosevelt Park had been restored to look as it did in the 1900s. From a ravaged area, the park was transformed into a lush forest. People started visiting Roosevelt which became known as Dinalupihan’s most frequented tourist spot. Camping, swimming in the river and nature’s trail became the favorite activities of the locals and foreigners, especially US Navy servicemen assigned in Subic Bay. Through the initiative of former Mayor Jose C. Payumo, Jr., Roosevelt Park became the regular home of the local Boy Scouts. Annual municipal and provincial jamborees were held in Roosevelt starting in 1964. It was even nominated to be the country’s BSP jamboree campsite. Unfortunately, Mount Makiling beat Roosevelt Park to the title.

Prior to the holding of the last APEC Summit Meeting in Subic Bay in 1997, the Philippine Tourism Authority funded new development programs on the park. It was made possible through the initiative of Congressman Felicito C. Payumo and former Mayor Lucila P. Payumo. The 30-hectare Dinalupihan Nature’s Park offers a rest pavilion, clubhouse, amphitheater with stage, family cottages, tree houses, two VIP swimming pools, cottages, picnic sheds, conference rooms and a river lagoon. Six rows of food product stalls were also constructed in the area. In addition to ample parking, the parks takes pride in the peace and order situation in the area.


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The Dinalupihan Sports Complex is also known by another name: DINALUPIHAN CIVIC CENTER. It was inaugurated in 1992 and has become one of the major points of interest in the municipality. The complex is situated at the corner of Bonifacio and P. Dandan Streets, originally the site of the old municipal building and public market of Dinalupihan. It has a total land area of 5,000 square meters. It was former Congressman Felicito C. Payumo who thought of establishing a sports complex in the area. Using his congressional pork barrel as initial funding, the construction of the building was started in 1990. A total amount of P57 million was spent on the project which was completed and inaugurated in 1992. In addition to the regular sports competitions, the complex is currently being used for various community programs, concerts and cultural presentations, social gatherings, general assemblies and even birthday celebrations and wedding receptions.

The Dinalupihan Track and Field Oval is the major component of the sports awareness program launched by former Congressman Felicito C. Payumo in Dinalupihan. It complemented the existing sports complex he earlier built in the heart of the town. The oval is situated in Barangay San Ramon, in a vacant government lot at the back of the San Ramon Elementary Campus. The site measured about two hectares.web pics013

Congressman Payumo used part of his congressional pork barrel to fulfill the need for a complete sports complex as requested by local government officials and educators.The new sports oval with grandstand was inaugurated in Dinalupihan, complete with special equipment for various participant sports. An Olympic-size swimming pool, the first in the province, was also built in the area. In time, Dinalupihan has become the favorite training ground of the various sports delegations in Bataan. The annual provincial meet is held at the said oval. With the establishment of the track and field oval, Bataan was able to host more regional sports meet then before.

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The first Layac Junction War Memorial was a monument erected at the center of the rotunda in Layac, Dinalupihan in 1946. It symbolized the tragedy that befell Bataan and the gallantry of Filipino and American soldiers who restored democracy in the country. It was built by the 38th Infantry Division, of the United States Army, in memory of the defenders of Bataan who fought the Japanese Army in the area between December 1941 to February 1942. The monument also marked the total liberation of Dinalupihan and Bataan, in general, on February 25, 1945. It was especially dedicated to the following military units who participated in the so-called Battle of Zigzag Pass. The units include the 149th Infantry, 151st Infantry, 152nd Infantry, 113rd Engineer Combat Battalion, 38th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop, 138th Field Artillery Battalion, 139th Artillery Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Battalion, 113th Medical Battalion, and the 38th Division Special Troop as well as the 38th Tank Company of Harrodburg, Kentucky which was involved in the 1942 Dinalupihan-Hermosa Defense Line.




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