For WALK-IN Applicants:
Step 1: Submit the application form (Download it Here) and complete requirements to BUSINESS PERMIT COUNTER
             -  One-time assessment and payment of tax, fees and other charges
Step 2: Claim business permit and other regulatory permits and clearances from RELEASING COUNTER
For ONLINE Applicants:
Step 1: Fill up the Online Application Form and submit complete requirements Here
            Note: Our BPLO staff will process your application. 
                      Order of payment will be sent via email
Step 2: Pay Online, click the link provided in the email
1. Kindly screenshot your payment and send it via email
2. Download and fill up the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) application form (Download it Here)
2. You may now proceed to BFP to secure FSIC (Fire Safety Inspection Certificate), just show your assessment/order of payment.
4. Proceed to RELEASING COUNTER at the BPLO One-Stop-Shop

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