1.  Applicants must submit the following documents:
•    PSA (NSO) Certificate of No marriage (CENOMAR)
•    Certified copy of Birth certificate
•    Voter’s ID (one must be resident of Dinalupihan)
•    Notarized written consent or advice of parents  (for consent: 18-21 yrs. old; for advice: 22-24 yrs. old) (Affidavit executed by the mother explaining that the applicant father cannot sign the consent/advice)
•    Death certificate of spouse (if applicable)
•    Court order of annulment of marriage or spouse presumptive death (if applicable)
•    Certificate of Pre-marriage Counseling & Family Planning (seminar conducted by POPCOM Office every Wednesday) - P300
•    If Foreigner:  Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage issued by their Embassy/Consulate in the Philippines;  copy of passport ; divorce paper (if applicable)

2. Both applicants shall sign the Application Form at the LCR Office and pay the following fees:
a.    Application Fee P300.00
b.    Marriage License Fee: P2.00

• Marriage License shall be issued after 10-days during office working day and this must be submitted to the solemnizing officer (Mayor, Judge, Priest/Pastor).
• Marriage License is valid in any part of the Philippines for 120 days. It is automatically cancelled if the contracting parties have not made use of it. Expiration date is stamped on the license.

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