Place of Petition:         at the LCR Office of the city/municipality where the certificate was registered
Person Responsible:    Document owner, parents, children, brother or sister, or any person authorized the document owner
• If the petition if for correction of sex, personal appearance of the document owner is required;
• If the petitioner is not related to the document owner, special power of attorney is required;
• Submit PSA (NSO) copy of certificate to be corrected
• Submit at least two (2) documentary evidence such as:
a.       Baptismal certificate
b.       Permanent School record (Form 137)
c.       Voter’s record
d.       Old Passport
e.       GSIS/Philhealth/SSS Member Record
f.       Birth/Marriage Cert (parents,children, sibling)
g.       Other Medical examinations
• For change of name/sex/date of birth, additional document has to be submitted such as:
-    NBI & Police Clearance
-    Employer Certification of no pending civil/administrative case or Affidavit of non-employment or self employment
-    Government Doctor’s medical certification (for correction of sex)
• Pay the following:
-    Filing fee for correction of clerical error, or Php 1,000.00
-    Filing fee for change of first name/correction of sex, date of birth: Php 3,000.00
-    For Newspaper publication (2 consecutive weeks)
(for change of name, correction of sex, day/month of birth only): Php  2,000.00
-    Payment for courier (LBC/JRS): Php     210.00
-    Service Fee: Php     100.00
-    Certified copy of certificate: Php       50.00
• Once documentary requirements are completed signed the petition form (prepared at the LCR Office)
• Posting of petition for 10 days is required before it shall be granted.
• Granted petition and all documentary evidence shall be forwarded to the Civil Registrar General (CRG) for approval. Waiting time will be 2-3 months.
• LCR will contact the Petitioner once CRG affirmed or impugned the petition;
• Once affirmed, Certificate of Finality will be issued to the petitioner. This will be submitted by petitioner to PSA (NSO) Sta Mesa, Manila for his/her request for certificate with remarks of correction.
• If is impugned, petitioner shall submit new evidence and file motion for reconsideration. Expect same waiting period for approval.

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